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Bhai Harnek Singh Battles Deadly Tumor

October 19, 2021

After fighting 7 years of false imprisonment, he now fights for his life.

Doctors examining the condition of former Sikh Prisoner of Conscience, Bhai Harnek Singh, have concluded the doctors revealed that tumors in his throat causing him intense pain and will have to be removed by surgery if he is to survive to them.

Having survived the trauma of being falsely accused and remanded for 7 years, the Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat supported Bhai Harnek Singh’s struggling family by funding the education of his children through our education grant programme.

We appeal with folded hands before the Guru and their blessed Sangat to not turn your back on Bhai Harnek Singh at this moment, knowing that only the grace and blessing of the Guru Sangat can he survive this cancerous battle he finds himself fighting.

Sikh Relief is able to help the Panthic Sevadars and their families who have sacrificed much in the Seva they have given to the present Sangharsh and we ask that you continue to support them today for a better tomorrow.

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