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August 22, 2019

Kirat Kamai creating entrepreneurs and job opportunities
~ Women’s empowerment continues full steam ahead

Sikh Relief’s Kirat Kamai centre at Faridkot has now successfully completed its first six months courses and the lady graduates are presented with certificates and brand new sewing machines.

The original centre in Madhya Pardesh has been empowering the underprivileged women of the struggling Sikligar and Vanjara community of India’s poorest state for a year now and the centre in Sikhanpura, Nepal has been operational since the spring this year.

So it is with some joy that Sikh Relief can say the Kirat Kamai system is working and the empowerment of our often forgotten Mai Bhago’s.

The training course has assured the ladies are now capable of being self employed tailors able to sew and do embroidery, designing, cutting, etc.

At the graduation ceremony the women were honoured for their determination, efforts and development when they were presented with a brand new sewing machines and all accessories to enable them to begin their entrepreneurship immediately.

Only with the support of the Sangat can we continue to ensure that our centres produce skilled sisters able to positively contribute to their family income and financial wellbeing, alleviating poverty without having to ask for handouts and maintaining their Chardiklaa.

We respect and remain eternally grateful to our Sangat and the Almighty Waheguru for the support and success we have been blessed to share with those forgotten and underprivileged for so long, only with your continued support can we help support today for a better tomorrow.

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