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Sikh Prisoner of Conscience Brutally Tortured Until Physically Disabled

July 17, 2020

Bhai Gurbhej Singh requires urgent spinal treatment…

The nightmare began in 2008 for Bhai Gurbhej Singh when he was arrested from his native village of Pakhpur, district Batala, by the notorious Panjab Police having returned from a trip to Germany.

Blindfolded and mercilessly tortured by the police, he was eventually entangled in a completely fake arms and explosive act case.

The brutal torture of Gurbhej Singh was not simply to gain information. This was extrajudicial punishment without charges, evidence or trial, the police even halted the brutalisation to tell him “you may beat the case but the injuries we inflicted on you, will not be forgotten for the rest of your life. You will remember us forever“.

Having spent almost 4 years in the custody of the police and the SuperMax Nabha Jail facility, the severe spinal problems caused by the tortures he was subject to have been allowed to worsen due to the refusal of the jail authorities to provide adequate health and medical assistance.

Today Bhai Gurbhej Singh’s condition is such that he can neither sit up nor walk without considerable assistance, even lying down and sleeping is becoming increasingly difficult.

We appeal to the Guru Roop Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji to help this Panthic yohda to receive the medical treatment at his most difficult time. Please help support us today for a better tomorrow, for all Sikh Prisoner’s of Conscience, even after they are released.

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